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    Welcome to the University of California Extension Online series of Web-based courses under development for the "Digital Educator - Certificate Program."  This program will bring together the UC Extension on the La Jolla and Mira Costa College Campus, the San Diego County Office of Education Joe Rindone Center and Satellite Center in Encinitas, the Apple Staff Development Site, along with a San Diego City and County School District Consortium. This site was created to provide you with a place to learn more about what classes are available, what you expect to learn, what you will need to begin, how the courses will be instructed and what credits will be received upon completion.
Getting ready 
These are interactive courses. You will be asked occasionally to set forth your ideas and responses in writing, and to do some offline work as well. So the courses work best if your computer is connected to a printer. This will allow you to make hard copies of certain parts of the course for later evaluation and reference. 

These courses will be easier to use if you set the options on your browser to show only the navigation buttons and location window. Use the Preferences menu, if necessary, to turn off the directory buttons. 

You can track your progress through these courses with the page counter at the bottom of the lesson page. You can go back or forward in a course at any time to review previous lessons or see what's ahead. 

To help you get a smooth start with your course, we recommend that you browse through our course list (on the right) and carefully read all of the requirements for the course. 

After you have chosen a course, make sure: 

Courses Available Now
AppleWorks 101
Internet 101
Webmaker 101
Hyperstudio 101
Introduction to ALI
Introduction to iMac
Multimedia in the Classroom
Internet in the Classroom
Advanced HyperStudio 
Microsoft Office 101 
Advanced AppleWorks 
Word Processing 
Advanced Microsoft Word 
 Information for prospective students
 Activation of purchased accounts
for students