Palm Springs Convention Center
May 1999 CUE Conference
Jay Klopfenstein
Carlsbad Unified School District Educator
Apple Computer Showroom Presentation
NASA "EarthKam" Project
Capturing Images and Classroom Imaginations
Starting with Cardstock Space Shuttle Construction
 Student Project Photos
Then onto Putting the Parts of Our Planet Together
Putting Together a Planetarium and a Pennyscale from Paper Templates
Teaming Up for Terrain Mapping and Topographic Models
Plotting the Degrees and Minutes for the Space Shuttle Phototakes
Charting Our Password Codes and  Phototakes From the Space Shuttle
This gives you a good idea of the "EarthKam/KidSAT" phototake process.
 Digital Camera in the Classroom
 Digital Camera Inside Cabin of Space Shuttle
 Digital Camera Inside Cabin of Space Shuttle
 Earlier Comparison Photos from NASA on Deforestation Swaths
 September 1996, Rondonia, Brazil
Swath Cutting at Ground Level
What Rondonia, Brazil once looked like in 1985.
 Manaus, Brazil  (Plumes of Smoke from the Amazon Rain Forest)
 Our Shuttle Image Over the Australia Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef
 200 miles up ( Image Footprint 100 miles long by 50 miles wide)
Sending imaging co-ordinates to UCSD,
to the Houston Space Center and
upto the Space Shuttle
back to the Pasadena Jet Propulsion Laboratory
then to our "UCSD EarthKam" Valley Junior High Web site.
This painting reminds us of the day by day destruction
taking place in the rain forests of the world.  
 The International Space Station
We hope we can  make digital image requests from here in the future.
The end or better yet the beginning in making a difference
globally and locally.