Aviara Oaks  "Science Day"  February 15th
       Thanks for the Invitation
  Aviara Oaks - Internet Lab 
Space Shuttle "Digital Imaging"  Project
Student Journal Link
 Presenter:  Jay Klopfenstein
 Science/Media Communications Teacher
Valley Junior High School, Carlsbad, CA
 KidSat:  Valley's 1997 First Camera on the Shuttle
EarthKAM I:  Valley's 1998 Camera on the Shuttle
 NASA Quest Site for STS-99
  Office of Earth Sciences Astronaut Photography Database
 EarthKAM II:  This Mission's Main Menu Camera Link
 STS-99 Payload: Excellent Chart on the EarthKAM Camera
 Students Using Shuttle Camera to Capture Images Above the Earth
Space Shuttle Endeavor
Student Activities and Projects
  Space Shuttle - STS-99
 Shuttle Countdown Online
 Picture of the Endeavor - EarthKAM Launch
February 11, 2000, 12:43 p.m. EST
Flight STS-99 - Spacelink
A view of Jamaica from EarthKAM
 [Image Movie Archive]
 STS-99 Electronic Photo File for Student Web Page Development

Track the Orbit of the Endeavor Space Shuttle and Our EarthKAM Camera
 Human Space Flight (HSF) -  Real Time Orbital Tracking Link
 New Science: Mission to Map the World in 3D (02/11/00)
Coverage Map
SRTM: Data Coverage

Student Questions:   Try to find the answers using the links below each question?
Work in teams of two to answer the questions about this shuttle mission:

1.  Locate over what part of the World the space shuttle is now?  What continent?
  Human Space Flight (HSF) -  Real Time Orbital Tracking Link

2.  What country?  What city?  What latitude and longitude in direction and degrees?
  Human Space Flight (HSF) -  Real Time Orbital Tracking Link
3.  When did the Space Shuttle Endeavor lift-off?
 Shuttle Radar Topography Mission

4.  List some quick facts about this mission?
SRTM: Quick Facts

5.  Why are we mapping the World in 3D with this mission?
 SRTM: Why Map the World With Radar?

6.  What percentage ( %) of the World will be imaged by the 3D cameras?
 SRTM: Data Coverage

7.  What's are EarthKAM students working on during this mission?
Kids Photograph Earth

8.  How are SpaceKids involved in working with EarthKAM students on this project?

9.  What are Spacekids discovering about EarthKAM and the Endeavor Shuttle?
Say Cheese
A Good Use of Space
Kids Winning Endeavor
What's Up with Endeavor?
Tick, Tick, Tick
The Glitch who Stole Liftoff

10.  Who are the crew members and what is unique about each one on this mission?

Who's Working the Day Shift?
Who's Working the Night Shift?
You Snooze, We Lose
A Good Book and Chocolate - Voss
From Fighter Planes to Space - Gorie
Japanese Celebrity - Mohri
Dare to Dream - Thiele
Earning her Pay - Kavandi
The Easiest Job? Kregel
11.  How many schools are taking part in his mission?  Where is Valley on this list?  What special imaging project is Valley working on?

Kids Photograph Earth
Lucky Schools
Valley's  "NASA Project Proposal"  on the "Deforestation Dilemma"

12.  What is taking place behind the scenes on this mission?

Road Trip to Space
Space Food - coming soon!

13.  Over what areas of the World are images being taken?

Shuttle Gallery
EarthKAM Gallery
Hubble Space Telescope Gallery

14.  Who is being interviewed?  What is taking place on the live camera?


 United Space Alliance NASA-TV Video Link
Real Player Live Webcasting of the EarthKAM and Endeavor Shuttle Project
 Live Camera views
 Kennedy Space Center Video Feeds

15.  What is the current elapsed time of the mission?

 mission/event clock

STS-99 Patch
16.  Ask about constructing one of the following space projects in class or with parent help?

Spacelink - Rockets  the site for our Adobe PDF class printouts on shuttles and rockets.
Make a Pop Rocket  methods for making a 35mm. film canister paper rocket launcher
The MUSES-CN Nanorover  use a balloon and styrofoam plates to make a terrestrial surface rover
 CosmicQuest - Build a Space Station to Monitor the Earth Environment
 Be a Spacecraft Engineer.
 NASA Spacelink - An Aeronautics & Space Resource for Staff and Students
 Spacelink Logo

17.  How long is the mast for the radar imaging equipment that makes 3D images of the earth's surface?
Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
SRTM Insignia

18.  How far North and South of the equator are the 3D radar images being made of the earth?


SRTM Fact Sheet
 NIMA's SRTM Kids Page
Topographic Mapping

19.  In what ways can imaging from space help protect wildlife on earth?

Forest Canopy
Mountain Gorilla Protection
Tiger Adventures and Activities.
 Tracking The Tiger Trade.
Tiger Information Center
20.  What can you find about mapping from the following Web sites?  Can you find shuttle images over San Diego County"

 USGS Mapping Information: Educational Resources
 TerraWeb: Remote Sensing for Kids
 Exploring Maps
 What Do Maps Show
Topographic Mapping
Earthshots: Satellite Images of Environmental Change
The NASA/JPL Imaging Radar Home Page
Welcome to EarthRISE
 Earth Views - Live Images of Earth
 Earth Observatory: Observation Deck
 Discovery Online -- Planet Earth Cams: Planet Cam and send an EarthCam card
 Mark Waggoner's GIS Bookmarks for Satellite and Shuttle Images of San Diego County

21.  What is happening to the Amazon Rain Forest?  What valuable resources are being lost or misused?

 Monitoring Amazonia by Satellite
 Heroes of the High Frontier - Forest Canopy Research
Amazon Interactive
 The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research
 Medicinal Plants of the Amazon

 22.  How is a VisEarth Project at UCSD helping us better understand our World?

Visearth logo 

 VisEarth UCSD - Create a Stereo Anaglyph
VisEarth UCSD Home page
 VisEarth UCSD
Mr Klopfenstein and Valley working with UCSD and SDSU "VisEarth" Professors
 VisEarth UCSD
 Real-time Satellite Earth Views
Space Shuttle Live!
3G on W3: The Great Globe Gallery on the World Wide Web
 SatPasses - Satellite Passes Over North American Cities

23.  What are some the major biomes and habitats found around the World?

The Watershed Game.
 JASON@School Coral Reef

24.  What time is it in different parts of the World right now?

The World Clock

25.  What are the three scientific studies taking place on this STS-99 Space Shuttle mission that will benefit us all now and in the future?

NASA Quest Site for STS-99
Flight STS-99 - Spacelink
STS-99 Payload: Excellent Chart on the EarthKAM Camera
 Students Using Shuttle Camera to Capture Images Above the Earth
SRTM Fact Sheet
 NIMA's SRTM Kids Page

 STS-99 Logo Patch