A Remembrance Site for Our Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother
Her Legacy Lives on in Our Hearts and Memories...
Mariella Klopfenstein
     This site is dedicated to our dear mother, our guardian angel, who lives on in our memories.  She is always with us in spirit. This is a place to share the events in her life, our memories of her and the wonderful times we all shared together. This is for Dad, my brother, my sister, our families and friends.  An interactive place for us to communicate and continue the family tradition that our parents worked so hard to establish in their home and in their relationship with us all.

     Mariella was always there, giving encouragement, supportive and being a role model to all of us.  Her life was dedicated to husband, family, friends, church and community.  Her gifts and talents were many and in the special ways she showered love and attention on all of us.  She remembered  us on our birthdays and often times made something unique for each of us on these special occasions.  Especially at Christmas time, mother would be at her best.  Cooking, crafting an caring for others in ways that made her so special to us and in the lives she touched.

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